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Thursday, February 3, 2011

FitMe, i hope

so today as i was wandering around walmart, i spotted the new FitMe line by Maybelline New York.  there were a bunch of shades of foundation, powders and concealers.  they claim to fit every skin tone and type, so i picked out a concealer.  only about $7, i got #25 medium.  it comes in a small almost unmarked container with that annoying lipgloss type applicator.  but let me tell you, compared to my $18 concealer from The Balm i bought months ago at Sephora, i LOVE it.  it's awesome.  i need to play around with shades and see what works better for my shade, but it is exactly what they promised.  it's nice and creamy and blends great.  so worth the $7. i would pay more.  it's that good.  if you want something that's lighter in the formula and doesn't smell atrocious then this is the one for you.  eventually i will be getting the foundation and powder and then will do an entire formal review.  but until then, this is what you get.  enjoy those little tidbits of awesomeness that is fitme concealer excellence.

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