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Sunday, January 23, 2011

shiro and eos and other products that are worth every cent

hello there!  so here is a rambling of some incredible products that i am in love with.  first up, loose eye shadows from shiro cosmetics.  i entered a halloween contest through Suite Ta Bu and won! (woo) and the prize was this ultimate pack of loose eyeshadow samples.  Shiro Cosmetics is vegan and awesome.  the names of the shadows are like 'pikachu' or 'lance the drago tamer' and they are sooo great.  the sparkle in them doesn't wear off, in comparison to MAC mineralized eye shadows, which don't last long at all.  check them out at
next up, EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balm is HEAVEN.  especially in this dry, cold weather we've been havving. brrr.  the summer fruit smell is a nice break from the doldrums of winter. (boo)  and it's only like $2.  which ain't bad, honey.
and finally, i've been loving my maybelline mascaras.  volum' express, the one with the fancy apostrophe, just came out with one by one.  it's right at the top of my list with the falsies.  seriously does what it promises it does,  which is more than i can say for most of maybelline's other productos.

going to be blogging more, hopefully every day.  tell you friends.  if i get 1,000 followers on here, my youtube ( ) and on my twitter ( ) i'm going to have a HUGE giveaway that will be filled with allllll sorts of goodies :)

tell your friends. you know you want to.

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